Boomers what are they?

Teenagers in the 1960’s

The term only applies to the countries that sent troops to WWII but were not affected directly by the conflict.

Generation Jones is a term coined by the author Jonathan Pontell to describe the cohort of people born from approximately 1954 to 1965, while other sources place the start point after 1957.[1][2] This group is essentially the latter half of the "Baby Boomers" to the first year of Generation X.[3][4][5] Pontell defined Generation Jones as referring to the last years of the post–World War II baby boom.[6] The term also includes first-wave Generation X.

What explains this baby boom? Some historians have argued that it was a part of a desire for normalcy after 16 years of depression and war.

The campaign to denigrate them as retirees is highly organized. They have a roster for putting it out there, a little bit from Government Ministers such as the Minister for Social Services the dreadful Christian Porter, a bit from newspapers/journalists such as Peter Martin and people like John Daly who is fanatical about getting tax cuts for high income earners by having retirees pay for them.

They then wangle a positive mention on Insiders and Q & A not to mention the conservative media.

It is impossible to keep up with the daily barrage.  People let it go and they assume they have won.

The sin is that boomers in power have done nothing to ameliorate their easily foreseen threat to the budget. They have had every opportunity: People don't suddenly get older. It's easy to foresee it coming.

It's not like "Where the hell did they all come from?"

Meanwhile, politiciansstood by while the economic bargain that lifted them as young workers began to unravel for their children. They opened global trade and watched millions of manufacturing jobs vanish; Then, Governments which included younger boomers didn't invest enough in new training programs for young workers, particularly men, who once could count on factory jobs to bring them a middle-class lifestyle.

Now it’s all jobs and growth when the jobs have gone.

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