Dear Martin,

 Thank you for your email to Senator Di Natale regarding retirement incomes.

 As you would be aware, last week we announced our agreement with the government to reverse Howard’s pension decision from 2007.

 Some of you have let us know about the fear-mongering and misinformation that’s being spread around your communities - and so we wanted to help you set the record straight.

 Click here for the facts about our pension agreement (and a myth buster to help you respond to common misinformation):

 It is frankly irresponsible to spread misinformation and fear about people's’ retirement. That’s why it’s so important we counter the rumours and claims being made about our agreement.

 The truth is, 171,500 pensioners will be better off because of this change to the pension system, and 50,000 more people will now get a full pension. Those with fewer assets who benefit from this scheme will be $30 a fortnight better off. 

 Check out our pension fact sheet, myth buster and top ten things you need to know about the agreement -- and use this information to help you set the record straight.

 Reversing Howard’s 2007 decision means better targeting the pension. So yes, it does mean that people with substantial assets will get smaller payments from the Government and approximately 2% will lose their pensions.

 A better targeted pension system means directing support to those who need it most.

 This is something the Greens believe is vital to ensuring that older Australians can retire with dignity.

 We will always make decisions based on principle, not votes.

 Thanks for helping us set the record straight,

 PS - We’ve put together the #GetTheFacts toolkit for the pension agreement so that you have everything you need in one place - mythbuster, fact sheets and the top ten most important things to know about the agreement. Check it out >>   

 Tom Bennett|Electorate Officer

Office of Senator Richard Di Natale

Leader of the Australian Greens|Senator for Victoria

Level 4, 199 Moorabool Street, Geelong VIC 3220

T(03) 5221 4100  E

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